IAOP 2021 CPC Cases

IAOP 2021 Clinicopathological Conference

Case 1
Discussant- Anne Marie Lynge Pedersen (Denmark)
Contributor/Presenter- Ibrahim Bello (Saudia Arabia)

The patient was a 50 year old woman with Type II diabetes (on metformin). She presented with an asymptomatic maxillary buccal gingival lesion that was reportedly present for 10 months. The patient had a 40 year history of smokeless tobacco (shamma), but no alcohol use.

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Case 2
Discussant- Anne McLean-Holden (USA)
Contributor/Presenter- Benedict Seo (New Zealand)

The patient was a 35-year-old female who initially presented while pregnant with a mandibular gingival lesion that had been present for 6 months. The lesion was initially tender but became asymptomatic over time. The lesion continued to grow over a period of 4 months postpartum. The patient’s medical history was noncontributory. The lesion was excised with a clinical diagnosis of ‘pregnancy epulis’.

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Case 3
Discussant- Lisette Collins (UK)
Contributor/Presenter- Marco Magalhaes (Canada)

The patient was 71 year old female with a well-defined radiolucent lesion in the right mandible centered at the area of tooth 4.6 (30) causing cortical expansion. She reported long-standing pain without paresthesia. RCT of tooth 4.6 was performed several years ago followed by antibiotic therapy and no previous surgery was performed in the area. Medical history is non-contributory.

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Case 4
Discussant- Fairuz Rahman (Malaysia)
Contributor/Presenter- Nadim Islam (USA)

The patient was 2 year old female with a 2 month history of palatal gingival erythema and an episode of gingival bleeding. Local management did not help to resolve the lesion.

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Case 5
Discussant- Wilfredo Gonzalez (Chile)
Contributor/Presenter- Elizabeth Bilodeau (USA)

The patient was a 1 year old female who presented with asymptomatic left facial swelling. She had been treated previously with two courses of antibiotics without a decrease in the swelling.

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Case 6
Discussant- Deepika Mishra (India)
Contributor/Presenter- Ciska-Mari Schouwstra (South Africa)

A 21-year-old male patient presented with a large, ulcerated, and expansile lesion of the left mandible, with loosening of the associated teeth. His past medical history included epilepsy and right leg amputation for “cancer of the knee”. The patient also reported that his grandmother and aunt also had similar jaw swellings.

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